Because we know exactly

what we are doing

You benefit substantially from the specialised breadth and depth of our law firm: In addition to the awareness that we provide the best possible legal advice and representation, you can also expect us to have an entrepreneurial mindset and a feel for individual circumstances. In short, we take your mandate very personally – and advise you on an equal footing.

Regardless of whether we are able to assist you in the areas of inheritance law, labour law, corporate law, M&A or international business law – we always see our task for you as an individual legal matter to which we devote our full attention.


The complexity of founding, buying or selling, transforming or succeeding companies requires very specific knowledge that encompasses many interdisciplinary areas of law and tax. It is precisely at these overlaps that we can effectively develop our expertise for you.

  • Acquisition/sale of companies
  • Company mergers
  • Consultancy from the first contact with potential buyers to the conclusion of the contract
  • Drafting and adapting articles of association for partnerships and corporations
  • Restructurings/conversions
  • Assumption of supervisory board/advisory board mandates
  • Support with shareholders’ meetings
  • Negotiations with banks

The world of work has become increasingly complicated in recent years, and not just from a legal perspective. Increased working from home and the associated labour law issues, for example, are contributing to greater complexity. We are well versed in the latest developments and are therefore a strong partner for both employers and employees.

  • Preparation and review of managing director/executive board/employment contracts
  • Drafting of agency agreements and support with their termination
  • Advice and support in contract negotiations with works councils, etc.
  • Assistance with transfers of undertakings/operational changes/mass redundancies
  • Dismissals/protection against dismissal
  • Representation in labour court proceedings (court and conciliation board)

Matters of inheritance law usually also touch on tax issues. This is particularly the case when it comes to the transfer of company assets. Our inheritance law expertise covers the entire spectrum of estate planning as well as advice and representation in probate proceedings.

  • Drafting testamentary dispositions
  • Estate planning under consideration of tax aspects
  • Anticipated succession
  • Disputes in communities of heirs
  • Business succession
  • Defence and enforcement of compulsory portion claims and legacy claims
  • Contestation of wills

Economic interdependencies that exist across national borders must be organised in a legally secure manner. So that they are sustainable both nationally and internationally. We have the necessary expertise to make your companies legally sound in an international environment – and to represent them if required.

  • Advice on the establishment of foreign subsidiaries
  • Advice on and drafting of international company purchase agreements
  • Support in the drafting of supply agreements, NDAs, etc.